In order for RIA to be able to centrally monitor ecosystems, provide statistics and support to members, we request that security server ports 5500/tcp and 5577/tcp be open to RIA monitoring servers from different environments listed in the table below:

TypeEE - productionee-testee-dev
Central Server213.184.41.178

Central Monitoring Server195.80.123.159mon.test.x-tee.ee195.80.123.169
Management Security Server213.184.41.177

When managing port access, we strongly recommend that you use a firewall to allow (whitelist) only the addresses of the X-tee Center and your data exchange partners.

The ports that must be open:

  • Outbound connection ports (from security server to external network, OUT):
    • to Central Servers: TCP 4001, 80
    • to Managemener Security Server: TCP 5500, 5577
  • Incoming connection ports (from external network to security server, IN):
    • from your X-Road data exchange partners: TCP 5500, 5577
    • from RIA's Monitoring Server: TCP 5500, 5577

You can find more information about the description of the used ports here and a sample diagram here.

NB!: Please make sure that security server ports 80 and 443 are not open to the outside world!