If it is necessary to remove the installation and software of the security server from an Ubuntu machine, you can use the script provided by NIIS. Launching the script will remove the X-tee software packages and will delete the files and configurations created when installing the software.

When the software or machine of the security server is deleted, it will remain to be registered in the central server of the corresponding X-tee environment. For that reason, we ask that you notify RIA’s user support when deleting a security server: [email protected]. We can cancel the registration of the security server in the X-tee central server on the basis of the request.

NB! When deleting a security server of the X-tee production environment, please also fill in the Security_Server_Deletion_form.pdf and communicate it in a digitally signed format. The signatory must be a contact person assigned for the security server or a person with the right to represent the institution.