In the X-Tee self-service environment, subsystem descriptions can be managed in the "My Subsystems" view.

In this view, a list of all subsystems registered with the authority is displayed to the person authorized to represent the authority or to a previously authorized person. To see a description of the subsystem, click on the subsystem code. A detailed view of the subsystem opens.

In the subsystem detail view, you can change the content of the subsystem description and register the subsystem with the central servers of the X-tee environments, if this has not already been done.

Delete the description of the subsystem

The prerequisite for deleting the description is that the subsystem is not registered on any of the X-tee central servers and security servers. The "Delete" button only appears in the detail view if all three environments are in the "Not added in Central Server" status:

If the status of an environment is "Added to security server", it must first be deleted from the security server and RIA support must be notified by writing to [email protected].

If the status of an environment is "Added to central server", RIA user support must be notified by writing to [email protected]. As a result, we can delete the subsystem from the central server.