Data service search

A new catalogue of data services has been added to the X-tee self-service environment, which can be found in the "Service catalogue" view.

This catalogue shows the list of data services on X-tee, which are visible to the monitoring security servers of the Information System Authority.

You can search for data services in the service catalogue view by the following values:

  • "Choose environment" - In which X-tee environment (ee-dev, ee-test or EE) the data service is offered
  • "Choose catalogue version" - At what time point the collected data is displayed
  • By the name or registry code of the authority providing the data service
  • By the X-tee subsystem which is providing the data service
  • By the name of the data service, if described
  • By data service code, which is a unique reference to this data service

For example: EE/GOV/70006317/notifications/getEmailAddresses/v1

  • By service type:

                 - SOAP service
                 - REST service

The search takes effect by pressing the "Search" button, and the initial state or unfiltered state can be restored with the "Cancel" button.
To see the data service information, the detailed view of the data service can be opened by clicking on "Service code" field.
The technical specifications of this data service can be downloaded by clicking on the WSDL or OpenAPI button.

Requesting access

Once the detailed view of the desired data service is open, one can start requesting access by clicking the "Request access" button below:

As a result, the following view opens:

The fields in the picture are filled with illustrative data

When completing a request for access, the following elements must be described:

1. X-tee environment or environments where access is requested
2. Subsystem to which access is requested
          a) First, select the authority on whose behalf access request is done and who owns the subsystem that will be used to query the data service.
          b) Next, select the specific subsystem which to access the data service for to start querying.
            i. NB!: By selecting several X-tee environments, make sure that the subsystem selected is registered in all selected X-tee environments.
          c) Finally, describe the purpose for which the data service will be used.

3. Information about yourself as an applicant
          a) Enter your e-mail address to which the data service provider can reply to your access request.
          b) Telephone number can be also added through which your data service provider can contact.

When all the required fields have been filled in, click on the "Send" button and the access request will be sent to the contacts of the subsystem providing the data service. If the process is successful, a confirmation e-mail will be sent showing the contents of your completed application.