Adding a authorization to a new company/authority

If you have logged in and want to join X-tee on behalf of your authority or manage the information of this authority in the X-tee self-service environment and notice that you cannot find your authority in the "Join X-tee" or "My organizations" view, you must first have to be authorized to be the representative of the authority.

You can do this by clicking "Didn't find the correct organization?" reference:

Clicking this link will open the authorization upload view:

In this view, you can:

  1. Download the sample of the letter of authorization, by filling it you can authorize the desired person to represent your company in the X-Tee self-service environment.
    NB: The completed letter of authorization must be digitally signed by the person entitled to represent the company/authority!
  2. Upload the completed and digitally signed letter of authorization. It will be then forwarded to us and we will be able to grant the appropriate rights to the authorized person.

Once we have received your letter of authorization and granted the necessary rights, we will then notify you and you can continue by joining X-tee or other operations!

Adding a new authorization to an existing authority

If your institution has already joined X-tee and you have a valid authorization to manage this authority in the X-Tee self-service environment, but you want to authorize someone else for it, you can do so in the "My organizations" view:

It can be seen here that we have one (test) company associated with us. In order to authorize someone else within that company, we need to open the detailed view of that authority by clicking on the company's name. As a result, a detailed view opens:

In addition to other information (such as contacts, administrators), the authorization includes our own information in the view, as we have previously been authorized to represent this authority.

To authorize a new person, click the "Add the authorization" button. This will open the authorization view:

Explanation of the types of authorization:

Representative - this role has the right to use all services within the self-service portal and to authorize additional representatives or Security Server administrators.

Security Server administrator - this role has the right to request certificates and manage subsystems.

The activities of the authorizations may expand during the development of the X-Tee self-service environment.

After filling in this form and pressing the "Save" button, the person has been given an authorization and, depending on the type of authorization, the person can continue with the activities of the X-tee self-service environment.

If you have any questions, please contact RIA Support at: [email protected].