Reports are prepared on the 5th–10th date of every calendar month and a reference to the unique name of the report is sent to the contact(s) of the corresponding subsystem described in X-tee Self-Service portal by e-mail.

Reports give an overview of the events taking place in the corresponding subsystem of X-tee:

  • who is using the subsystem and how much (Provided services) and
  • whether and how many data requests are going out from the corresponding subsystem to other subsystems (Used services).

Both of these sections are in turn divided into two, separately so-called real services (business services) and so-called X-tee meta services. All four reports highlight, by queries (Service), their users (Client/Provider), numbers of successful and unsuccessful data requests, the durations of successful data requests (in milliseconds, ms) and the sizes of the data requests and replies (in bytes, B).

Such reports enable getting a better overview of the most used, most faulty, fastest, or slowest data requests, as well as data requests with the highest volumes, and can be of help when improving the design of and using the services. The report does not show this separately, but by comparing it with the list of all services (see, it is possible to identify services that have not been used at all during the report period.

A more extensive user guide for reading reports has been provided at