Users with the legal right to represent organizations that are registered in the Estonian e-Business Register can join X-tee through the X-tee self-service portal at . Foreigners who are not able to log in to the environment should contact RIA helpdesk at [email protected].

Joining X-tee consists of three steps:

  • Signing the terms and agreements of X-tee by the organization's authorized representative.
  • Installing and configuring the Security Server yourself or purchasing it as a service from the a X-tee host service provider.
  • Ordering certificates for the Security Server.

In order to use data services published on X-tee, it is then necessary to describe one's own subsystem in the X-tee self-service portal and request access to the desired data services from the service providers. The subsystems no longer need to be described in RIHA, and the descriptions of the subsystems that were described in RIHA, have been transferred to the page.

In addition to the above, the following is also possible in the X-tee self-service portal:

  • Authorize other people as either representatives or Security Server administrators to complete needed tasks in the X-tee self service portal. Authorizations can be granted for an indefinite period or for a fixed period. The representative has the right to sub-authorize.
  • Add a separate contact for each topic, if desired: subsystem, Security Server technical and general organization contacts.
  • To order X-tee certificates issued by RIA.
  • Request access to the data service: the possibility to establish direct contact with the owner of the data service in order to use the service.
  • Describe your data services: to articulate the nature and purpose of the services provided by data owner on X-tee.


On X-tee self-service portal, the person with the right to represent the organization can authorize other persons to the following roles:

Representative - This role has the right to perform all operations in the X-tee self-service portal and authorize new persons.

Security Server administrator - This role has the right to order new certificates and manage subsystems for the organization through the X-tee self-service portal.

The activities of the mandate may expand during the development of the X-tee self-service portal.


X-tee terms and subscription contract - X_tee_subscription_contract_ENG.docx

The requirements for the data exchange layer in X-tee: The_data_exchange_layer_of_information_systems_regulation.pdf

Example mandates for authorizing a representative in the X-tee self-service portal:

in Estonian - Volikiri.docx
in English - Letter_of_authorization.docx