Here you can find materials from old Moodle courses.

NB: The materials shown here are outdated and based on old Security Server versions.

You can find up-to-date technical documentation here: .

OLD Course files

1. Character of X-Road.pdf

2. Considerations at development of X-Road and structure of X-Road.pdf

3. Birth, importance and future of X-Road.pdf

4. How X-Road works and participants on X-Road.pdf

5. Security server, integration gateway and MISP.pdf

6. X-Road environments and joining them.pdf

7. Introduction process of X-Road and costs.pdf

8. Trust services on X-Road.pdf

9. Signature creation device and its selection.pdf

10. Database, information system, subsystem and data services.pdf

11. Description and registration of subsystem and data services.pdf

12. Security server installation.pdf

13. Security server initial configuration.pdf

14. Management of timestamping services; Generation of keys and certificate signing requests.pdf

15. Certificate import and registration.pdf

16. Certificate states.pdf

17. Activating, disabling, unregistering and deleting certificates, CSRs and keys.pdf

18. Management of security server clients.pdf

19. Management of data services.pdf

20. Communication with a client information system; Validating security server installation.pdf

21. Access rights.pdf

22. Monitoring of the security server.pdf

23. Backing up and restoring a security server configuration.pdf

24. Archiving the message log.pdf

25. Troubleshooting.pdf

26. Rights and obligations of the parties on X-Road.pdf